About Me

I LOVE this girl.

Charlotte early years (75)

    She made me who I am today, a mom.  Not just any mom.  I’m a Reedley Mom and I am a blessed mom!

     I created this site to help moms in the Reedley area have a way to easily network.  I believe is its important to have a way of communicating that fits in with the busy lifestyles we live today.

Charlotte early years (31)

There are days that I am wondering what I can do with my child to keep her interested in learning about the world we live in.

 I hope to make valid suggestions here for you to consider if you find your self in the same predicament!

Me n my baby

My grandparents moved to Reedley in the 1930’s.  My mom, myself, and my daughter were all  born here in Reedley.

I am a wife, a mom, and a daycare provider.  My formal education was completed at Reedley College with a degree in Business but I continue to learn daily.

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