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Hanford CA

I adore Hanford!  It is a gorgeous community with a hometown feel even though there are over 54,000 residents. Hanford is known for  the Superior Dairy Ice Cream Shoppe where you will not be disappointed in your serving size!  They have an impressive town square with 100+ year old buildings that are great for photo taking.  The town square also is the home of an antique merry go round and it only costs a dollar! The Canegie Museum houses the Kings County History.  There are two floors of displays and a beautiful back yard to enjoy a picnic lunch or read a book  in.

(Update:  This museum is now closed.)  When we were in Hanford our first time about 5 years ago, we went to the Clark Center for Japanese Art and CultureThey were hosting an event that was really fun.  There was traditional live music, arts and crafts such as origami and mochi bana, a game where you put eyes, nose and mouth on a face while you are blindfolded,  they gave tours of the museum, where we were asked to remove our shoes before entering.  There was a beautiful reflection pond, art, even a large bonsai collection.  While I was writing this, I realized that they have decided to close the museum in 2015.

Burris Park is in the country between Kingsburg and Hanford.  We love Burris Park because it is so peaceful.  When ever we have gone there, usually there is no one else in the park but the people who work there.  It is a great place for large picnics and family reunions.  They have a huge barbecue that you could put a half a cow on.  There is a big newer play structure for the children and another smaller older one.  They have a historical museum and a wagon museum.


Burris Park is open on the weekends, (Friday-Sunday 10 am to 7 pm) for use by the general public SEASONALLY.  There is an entrance fee at the front gate but the museums have no entrance fee.  The Burris Park Museum is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 3 pm.  If you are interested in visiting the museum, please call to confirm that the Kings County Historical Society docents will be available to assist you with your visit.  (559) 589-7088 or (559) 589-2503.

Carnegie Museum

Burris Park

The Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture

 Other Places of Interest:

Kings Art Center

 Main Street

Temple Theater

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