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Imagine U Children’s Museum Visalia

Imagine U has been a favorite since my daughter was small.  Located in downtown Visalia, it is loads of fun for all ages, and it’s educational too!  There are crafts for the children to assemble.


My daycare child’s favorite exhibit was made of glass walls that you were allowed to paint.  He was so very precise and meticulous at what he painted.  He had been learning the alphabet.

He also got to work on cars in the Mechanic’s Garage, with tools!  He had so much fun, but this was a really popular section and there were only two chairs for all the parents.  If you get tired don’t be shy about asking for a chair. 

We went shortly after they opened at the new location, so maybe it’s better now, but we were not approached by any attendants to offer with help of any kind.   There were attendants everywhere, mostly talking to each other.  I had to find the aprons for painting myself and figure out what was supposed to be done. I asked a couple of people about different things such as the craft corner and when they would be there to help and no one seemed to know what anyone else was doing or who was in charge of what or where things were located.  Eventually, after we started trying to make something on our own, someone came and showed us some examples of other children’s work and said, “This is what they are making today.”  It all ended up good, we had a fun time.


There is a tree house with a slide, but my daycare kid was petrified and I had to have an attendant go in and help him back down out of the trunk!  The attendant was soooo very kind.  The tree house slide was made at Fresno’s own Monster City Studio an amazing local factory.

My future geologist!

He loves rocks!


The music garden…













Imagine U offers special classes, and events not only aimed at children but for adults as well.  Make sure to check them out at their website Imagine U.

The museum’s contact information is:

210 N Tipton St. Visalia, CA 93292

Phone: (559) 733-5975

Museum Hours:
Monday ‐ Saturday: 10:00am ‐ 5:30pm
Sunday: 12:00pm ‐ 4:00pm

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