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Kingsburg Ladies Night Out

Tim and Johanna Alexander, owners of the store named “For the Birds”, gave me two tickets to the Kingsburg Ladies Night Out last Thursday night.    It was my first time attending such an event and it was no disappointment.  The theme was Vintage Hollywood and they went all out.  There were vintage cars parked on Draper, free limousine service, and some of the shopkeepers dressed as movie stars from days gone by.    The crisp autumn air,  vintage 20’s /30’s  music coming from the public address system and the lady shoppers dressed as flappers from the 20’s looking as though they were ready to do the Charleston at the drop of a hat made it feel as if we had gone back in time.

Several drawings were awarded to lucky attendants including a $100 gift certificate!They gave prizes for raffles and best costume.  There were delicious foods and drinks to be had, up and down Draper Street.

There were wonderful vendors all up and down Draper Street and the side streets as well.  There were scads of gorgeous things to be purchased from these direct sales vendors and handmade items by local crafters and artists.

The newest restaurant in town is Fugazzi’s.  Here, I sampled a generous serving of pasta with toast on the side and it was delish!  Fugazzi’s is located at 1335 Draper Street right across from the Village Mall.  Fugazzi’s has indoor and outdoor dining areas and both are beautiful places to dine.

My daughter had her first ride in a limousine and the thing she took away from that experience was that she didn’t feel safe not wearing a seat belt!  It was much different than the last time I’d been in a limo which was about 30 years ago.  There were a lot of colored lights and everything was shiny and it had a really long bar.   We had a very nice driver and I would recommend him to anyone looking to rent a limo.  I thought his name would be on the card, but it wasn’t so, here’s a picture of him! 

The Village Mall located at 1332 Draper Street looks like a single storefront, but once inside, you will find several shops and a restaurant/bakery.  The bakery is for sale if anyone is interested in owning their own business.  The bakery is always busy when I stop by to leave my artwork at For the Birds.

Although it’s been there about a year now. the newest shop in the Village Mall is called Gypsy’s Attic.  It is owned by Laurene Runner and it is filled inside and out with new decor and refurbished items.  A wonderful article was written on her store by Enjoy Magazine, which you can find here: Gypsy’s Attic in Kingsburg .

Laurene has expanded to a second location in the mall which houses farm house decor and edible goodies such as local Sunmaid raisins, jams, jellies,  barbecue sauce and much more.

For the Birds, owned by Tim and Johanna Alexander, supports local artists work and they carry Swedish/Kingsburg themed items.  The handmade items focus on garden adornment and they offer a unique selection of garden and metal art, wind chimes, fountains, birdbaths, birdhouses, and more, but their specialty is miniature gardens and succulent gardens.  They offer classes on designing miniature gardens which are fun and lighthearted and a great way to bond with your child or grandchild.

Gifts on Draper is owned by Kathy Figueroa who also does interior decorating.  The shop offers home décor, china, lamps, furniture, and decorative floral arrangements.   Kathy’s shop is all ready for Christmas.  I discovered a gorgeous nativity  and I just loved the little cardinals in the snow pictured below!  She has  pretty Christmas trees and many beautiful non Christmas items displayed inside and outside her store.  Be sure to stop by and spend some time perusing all the eye candy at Gifts on Draper.  Her store hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone: 897-5949

The Svensk Butik is located at 1465 Draper Street in downtown Kingsburg.  This amazing and unique shop carries the most extensive collection of scandinavian goods in the valley.   The Svensk Butik was featured on our local news station, KMPH FOX 26. Here is one of the segments with owner June Hess.   

We had a great time and there are many many things and places I have not mentioned.  But there is always another day.  We had an amazing time with wonderful hosts and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to share this magical evening with my lovely daughter.   A HUGE thank you to For the Birds for the tickets and thank you Kingsburg for being your wonderful selves!




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