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Morro Bay, CA

 Morro Bay, CA

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Rocky Museum


We  love so many things about Morro Bay.  First of course is the beautiful beach with lots of seashells.  It’s a wonderful place to sit and enjoy nature.  On the bay side you can watch sea otters, ocean birds, sea lions and we’ve even seen scuba divers!  At the southern end of Embarcadero, just before the Marina, you will find a Tidelands Park with a play structure shaped like a ship for the kids to play on.  There are plenty of picnic tables there

The Morro Bay Natural History Museum  is a children’s museum on the south end of town.  It is across from the golf course.  There are picnic tables and you can hike to the top of the hill for an awesome view.  This is a top notch Children’s Museum.


I’ve been told that you can get an amazing breakfast at Frankie and Lola’s.   For fish and chips we have eaten at Rose’s Landing a lot of times because they are reasonable and they also let you keep your dog with you on the patio while you eat.  If you go to Rose’s there are actually two, one is upstairs and is formal and pricey.  The other is around back (around the left side of the building) and is on average about $20 per person or less.  For dessert, my favorite treat is banana salt water taffy from Crill’s Salt Water Taffy.  Crill’s has two locations but I prefer the original one, the candy just seems fresher.

I found this online, thought I’d share for those of you with food allergies, Shine Cafe offers natural foods and a vegan restaurant.  At 415 Morro Bay Boulevard.


There are dozens of gift shops and restaurants up and down Embarcadero Boulevard.  My husband’s favorite shop is the Garden Gallery.  Garden Gallery carries an extensive amount of succulents and cacti.

 My daughter’s favorite place is the Morro Bay Aquarium.  You can feed seals and sea lions and see local fish inside the aquarium.  It’s a small mom and pop gift shop with an aquarium in back, not like the one on Finding Dory.  😉   Across the street is one of the best shell shops I’ve ever been in.  The Shell Shop website.

Up the hill on both Main Street and Morro Bay Blvd. there are more gift shops, thrift shops, antique and specialty stores.

There is so much more I hope you go and find out for yourself, how many amazing things there are to do and see in Morro Bay, CA.

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