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Coupon Bonanza!

The best time to look for coupons is the first Sunday of the month.  There are more coupon inserts on that day than there are on the rest of the Sundays.  This is a preview at what to expect this month:  Coupon Inserts


If you can find a San Francisco Chronicle, the coupons seem to be of higher value sometimes and more abundant.  They are hard to come by in Reedley.


I really like finding deals on Southern Savers also.


When you use websites like, you will get an enormous amount of deals many of which are free items with coupons but read the directions carefully to take advantage of the full discounts.


This website sells coupon  inserts just in case you missed the week that had that fabulous coupon you needed.

Hope these tips help you on your way to keeping your money in your own wallet!  Happy couponing!

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