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Kingsburg, CA

Recently we had a mother daughter day out and not wanting to go too far from home but wanting to venture further than our home town, we decided on Kingsburg.  I love Kingsburg’s small town homey feel.  They have Swedish architecture on most of their downtown buildings, and a dala horse here and there.  There are many adorable shops along Draper Street.  These are some of my favorites:

Inside this little shop is a BIG secret!
Village Mall Photo credit: Tim Alexander
Inside 1332 Draper Street is a mall!
Tim and Johanna Alexander own a sweet little shop called “For the Birds” that specializes in handmade items focused on garden adornment.  For the Birds carries a great selection of unique garden and metal art, wind chimes, crosses, fountains, bird baths, bird houses, feeders, and more from over 15 different local artists.
While speaking with Tim from For the Birds, I found out that there are several events and classes available for children.  I’ll tell you more about that below.

A little further inside the Village Mall, just next door to For the Birds, you will find more exciting gifts and things to beautify your home at Gifts on Draper!
Gifts on Draper offers home décor, china, lamps, furniture, and decorative floral arrangements. Gifts on Draper is owned by Kathy Figueroa who also does interior decorating.  Her store hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone: 897-5949IMG_2123

 Dalen is an amazing shop that carries items made in the valley.  Some items Mitt i Dalen displays are Top of the Hill Jelly, Lancaster personal care items, handmade jewelry, decorative wood items and furniture, textiles and so much more.  Here is a sneak peek at some of Mitt i Dalen’s  items:

 At the end of the Village Mall is Diane’s Bakery and Cafe where you will find delicious cookies, candy and meals.  IMG_2158Diane's Bakery and Cafe Business Card

Classes for children (and adults)
Mud Fence offers a variety of classes including cooking, sewing, etiquette and more.  It is located at 1327 Draper Street,  just across the street from the Village Mall.  Click the link to access their facebook page:  ———>  Mud Fence .  They were closed the day I was there but I did pick up a flyer from their studio:
Mud Fence Kingsburg1Mud Fence Kingsburg 2

 Located next to Mud Fence at 1333 Draper Street is the Envision Art Studio.  Classes are available for children and adults and start at $25.  Find more information on their website at: —————->  Envision Art Studio

Trinkets and Treasures Card

 Other places to see in or near Kingsburg:
bravo (21)The city of Kingsburg also have two nice parks in town with play structures for kids that  I am familiar with.  The photo shown just above,  is the park located under the tea kettle water tower downtown. One block north of Draper Street on the corner of Marion and Lewis Streets.  The larger park is located on the corner of Mendocino and Sierra.  You can view a full list of the parks in Kingsburg here:  Parks
There is a tiny building under the water tower that used to operate as the Kingsburg Jail.  It’s kind of a mini museum and is free and it is open daily.  There is a donation box if you choose to donate.  Beautiful (and humorous) murals decorate the sides of some of the buildings.  The Library on Draper Street has several painted murals.
If you are a thrift store shopper, Kingsburg has a nice one. It is called KCaps has some really nice things.  I saw the most gorgeous antique trunk I’ve ever seen yesterday, but it had a big SOLD sign on it already!
Lovely tree lined streets.  Beautiful architecture.  I hope that you found this helpful and that you will enjoy your time in Kingsburg too!

 Neighboring communities:
Traver is a small town 6 miles south of Kingsburg that has a destination spot called Bravo Farms.  It is a small but fun roadside attraction where you can watch them make cheese, shop locally grown and locally made food products, watch them make cheese, and feed the animals in the petting zoo.bravo (15)
There is even a huge tree house for the kids to play in among other play structures.There are many things to see and do there.   I haven’t eaten there but it sure smells good when you are walking around.
We like looking at the animals, they have a petting zoo and a food dispenser and for .25 the kids can feed the animals. It’s free to walk around and look at the antiques, lots of places for photo ops, and it’s an affordable place to go with the kids to spend an hour or two.  For more info click here:  ———>   Bravo Farms
bravo farms cropped013

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